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John Joseph Campbell.

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Are you excited to discover more about yourself, your spirituality and your intuition?

Are you eager to learn how to connect with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides?

Then it’s time for you to make more empowered choices and manifest the future you want!

You are intuitive and you do have psychic abilities.

Just like any other skill, when you have the right tools and the right coach, your psychic skills expand and improve.

John Campbell will be your personal coach during these courses.

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Why Choose Us?

Psychic Readings/Testimonials:

Today at the Adelaide Mind, Body and soul expo I had a reading done with John. 

I came away from it an absolute believer. 

The dates and events she used to validate her presence through John were accurate beyond belief.

Val. M

John helped me get back on track with my life's purpose! 

He is incredibly talented with his work and takes it very seriously while keeping the atmosphere very calm, relaxing and friendly. 

I gained so much information and help through my reading that even a few months after I am still learning and growing from it. 

John definitely has a passion to help people and If you are looking to see a psychic then you have found the right place! 

I'm grateful to have crossed paths with him.


John is the real deal! I had a reading where he revealed personal details about me that no one including my family knew about me. 

John is a gentle giant and a true professional.

 He gave me insight and understanding that has lifted a huge weight off me. 

I have also had a healing that was so powerful on both a physical and emotional level. 

I have suffered with tremendous neck/nerve pain after a spinal fusion. 

I feel a renewal physically and mentally that I have not felt in years.

I have been to many physiotherapists and never had the relief that I felt from John's treatment. 

He is authentic and kind. 

Give yourself and your loved ones a gift - go and see John and let him help you find the relief you need, be it physical or emotional. 

I write this because I wish for anyone who is in need of help and feels hopeless, that John can make a huge difference to your life. 

Please note that this recommendation is completely unsolicited. 

Best wishes Victoria.

John did a "TAROT READING" for me; he gave me a complete story of my life.

His reading was unique, I did a couple of reading before I met him, and I realised that no one can compete with John's reading.

Sue Reiki

About Us

John Joseph Campbell

Course Developer & Author



John was born in South Shields Tyne & Wear, England…

He recognized at an early age that he had an unusual gift and through many experiences and self- exploration has developed a program of Workshops to pass on his knowledge to others…

Combining this with his ability to connect others to the all-encompassing energy field, John is able to deliver his Meditation Courses with expertise. 

His humour compassion and authenticity endear him to those he works with….

Angela Brookman Findhorn Press Publishing.

During the meditation, I learned more about myself. 

The real self.

 Reiki is like a tool for me to expressed love for the person I treat.

 When someone you love is sick, you feel you want to hug them, and you assume that hug will make them okay, that it is like sending love to them.

Reiki is much more the same as sending love through a specific way, in the future, you will invent your particular way.

I’m sure John will teach you the primary method then you will fly.


I did not forget to mention that I also learned, how to attune myself & treating myself, and ask angels to help you in the treatment.

All the best

Thank you. 


John has created a formula of Meditations and is all focused on healing the body with the use of our Healing Guides Or Higher Powers.

After the first Meditation, I couldn’t believe I slept all night.

Three months later everyone is saying how good I look, plus walking much straighter and now I sleep much better, normally all night.

I am a miracle to science. Not that many people live longer than a year with my type of Cancer.

I feel like I will live a lot longer with the help of John Campbell.

I would recommend John Campbell to anyone...

Best wishes

karen Riley.

I am so grateful you chose Jill and I.

Out of the hundreds of people you have had contact with over the years it is very touching that Jill and I have the benefit of your wise teachings.

Jill is just amazing and busier than ever.

Thank you.

All the best

Jan Dunn.




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