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8 Weeks Of Live Seminars & Guided Meditation Courses To Attune Yourself To Your Angels & Guides. 

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I would be delighted to offer my experience as a World Renowned Healer/Therapist & Author. 

I have been on TV, Radio in Australia, Portugal, Spain & The UK.

I have lots of Newspaper Articles and Magazine Editorials written on my Unique therapy's and Psychic Gifts. 

I teach Guided Meditation to enhance your Psychic & Healing Powers.

I specialise and teach Energetic Healing Therapies that I have developed over my 30 years career, such as the Rosslyn Chapel Symbol Therapy which Is The most effective Energetic-Healing-Technique for Skeletal and Spinal Adjustment...

You Can Learn All Of John Joseph Campbell's Secrets To His Healing Powers Here.

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The first time I met John, I was seeking to know more about my future. I am an excited girl, I love my life, and I'm curious to know more. John did a tarot reading for me; he gave me a complete story of my life. His reading was unique, I did a couple of reading before I met him, and I realizes that no one can compete with John reading.

In this stage, I knew I want something more, and he offered to teach me Reiki. It was the first time for me hearing about Reiki. I agreed immediately, and I started with deep meditations to raise my energy. To do Reiki, at least you need to be in level four, you will know what is that mean when you start learning Reiki with John. During the meditation, I learned more about myself the real self.

Reiki is like a tool for me to expressed love for the person I treat. When someone you love is sick, you feel you want to hug her, and you assume that hug will make her okay, that right it is like sending love to them. Reiki is much more the same is sending love through a specific way, in the future, you will invent your particular way, I’m sure John will teach you the primary method then you will fly.

Reiki II is my favorite because I don’t need the presence of the person I want to treat. Reiki II is sending love through a deep meditation in a particular procedure. Nearly every day I do Reiki II and sending love to the people I love around the world. Also, you can send love to the universe and taking love from the universe.

Reiki III is a bit mystery the people who like to express their love in a magical condition will love it, and it is not magic; it is completely real once you try it you will know.

I did not forget to mention that I also learned, how to attune myself treating myself, and ask angels to help you in the treatment. All the best

Sue Reiki


About Us

John Joseph Campbell

Course Developer & Author

I am so grateful you chose Jill and I.Thank you. Out of the hundreds of people you have had contact with over the years it is very touching that Jill and I have the benefit of your wise teachings. Jill is just amazing and busier than ever. I however am the also ran dabbling daily! I just wish you were just around the corner! 

John Also runs a Meditation class once a week that I have also been attending For The Last 8 Weeks. Prior to these Meditation classes, I was virtually an insomniac because of the pain. I cannot sleep lying down and have to sit up to sleep. After an hour of sleep, I usually found my back pain so bad I couldn’t sleep at all, even Morphine was not helping me sleep:-

Proof My Meditation Formula Works

John has created a formula of Meditations and is all focused on healing the body with the use of our Healing Guides Or Higher Powers. He has used the same formula of Meditation to assist and help Cancer patients while he worked for Cancer Care in Adelaide SA. John Calls This Meditation Therapy. After the first Meditation, I couldn’t believe I slept all night. Three months later everyone is saying how good I look, plus walking much straighter and now I sleep much better, normally all night. I would recommend John Campbell to anyone. I am a miracle to science. Not that many people live longer than a year with my type of Cancer. I feel like I will live a lot longer with the help of John Campbell.




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